how many times have i seen the prettiest girls w the ugliest guys and I’m staring at him wondering if it’s the way the light is hitting his face or smth and she’s looking at me like stay away from my man…listen im just trying to solve a puzzle you beautiful idiot


when i see really attractive people i just laugh because i know if we lived in the aztec culture they’d be sacrificed to the gods for their beauty 


..came back with another drawing of demigods.I don’t know why but I really like this miniature of Percabeth and I constantly stop at this page every time when I leaf through my sketchbook,heh.Maybe,it’s a hint that I should draw them more..probably..I don’t know


I honestly just wanted to draw Will shirtless


Season 3 didn’t go so well, Sam.  Just saying.

The past month has been bleh, but hopefully I’ll be drawing more quality comics like this one in the near future.


"how are you wearing a sweater in this weather" dedication. insecurity. dedication and insecurity


"u only care about yourself"
i also care about nico di angelo


In which Jason “accidentally” tell Will about Nico’s first crush.